I am a nurse by profession. My older sister died during childbirth, giving birth to twins. My sister's husband was unable to care for the twins so I took them in. My husband passed away in 2001 - I lost my only support. These were the darkest periods of my life. When I heard about PROSAMI, I decided to join and learn to provide better care to pregnant women.

My sister died from eclampsia. In her marriage, she struggled to conceive for many years due to primary sterility. She finally conceived and progressed normally with the pregnancy until term. One day, she visited her clinic complaining of headaches and was prescribed medication for malaria.... Read more

I lost a friend following post-partum hemorrhage. She was 29 years old with three children. She went to a local maternity where she delivered normally. After delivery, she began to bleed profusely and went into shock. She died, leaving behind her one day old baby and three other children, the oldest being six years old.... Read more

As the sister-in-charge for the maternity department, I admitted a 38 year old pregnant woman with a twin pregnancy and eight children. She was bleeding in her pregnancy attributed to a low-lying placenta. After a week of admission, she was discharged with instructions to return as soon as the bleeding recurs.... Read more

My neighbor died during childbirth. That was a painful story. She had nine children. This woman never attended antenatal care. She decided to give birth at home as she had done previously, but this time, there was shoulder dystocia. The baby's head was born but the rest of the body remained stuck inside.... Read more

My sister lost her baby on the delivery table due to a lack of effective interventions during prolonged labour. The midwife failed to do the right things at the right time either by ignorance or negligence. As a result, the baby was stillborn, while the mother sustained extensive injuries. I was quick to join PROSAMI to improve my management of unpredictable life-threatening complications that can arise at the time of delivery

In 2017, a 21 year old primipara was in the delivery room. She was at term with a confirmed intrauterine death. She delivered a stillborn with its umbilical cord around the neck. Witnessing this unfortunate story pushed me to renew my engagement in PROSAMI. As midwives, we have a lot to do to prevent such catastrophes in our communities. The training received from PROSAMI is essential to strengthen our capacities and is key to overcoming this state of affairs.

We received a patient referred from a health center who was bleeding and in shock. Examination revealed a uterine rupture with the dead fetus already in the abdominal cavity. Although she had a previous caesarean section, the referring health center had administered medication contra-indicated in women with previous caesarean sections.... Read more

The objectives and activities of PROSAMI are in line with those of the PMI (maternal and child protection program). I am in the program because the protection of mother and child also involves promotion of their health. The sad facts related herein are family and work experiences which prompted me to join PROSAMI: We had two sad events in our family due to poor maternal and newborn care.

Here is a little boy five months after his mother's death. He is presenting with growth retardation due to lack of proper nutrition.

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