With participants coming to more than 19 areas of Kasai Oriental province, a written test was organized in the hall of the MPOKOLO WA MOYO school under the direction of National Director Pastor Leon Munyinga to select candidates who will be trained as midwives.
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On May 7th, 2019 PROSAMI celebrated its 10-year anniversary. In fact, its was 10 years ago, in May of 2009 that PROSAMI was officially registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Since then the organization began to work toward ensuring that mothers and babies in the Democratic Republic of Congo no longer die from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. On its journey during the past 10 years, PROSAMI faced many challenges that threatened the survival of the organization. However, thanks to the commitment of its members and the support of its small group of supporters, PROSAMI was able to overcome most of those challenges and achieve a lot with the little means it had. Among the organization’s greatest achievements are:
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Location: Westminster Presbyterian Church 400 Rugby
Purpose: Come celebrate with us our ninth year of promoting maternal and infant health care in the Congo. Enjoy wonderful food from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), learn more about prosami and hear about its many wonderful updates and progress ... Read more

Please join us Mon., Dec 3, 5:30 – 8 pm, for a delicious dinner and FASCINATING Audiovisual presentation on the GRAND Opening of PROSAMI’s maternal/infant Medical Pilot Center, in the heart of the Congo… an amazing ... Read more

We are in the final 360 hours of clinical training for advanced nurse midwifery certificate, over 3 months, March 1 – May 31st, with 19 nurse midwife students training in 4 different hospitals (Bonzola Hospital, Chirsi Roi Hospital, Kansele Hospital, Muene Ditu Hospital: Notre Dame de Grace - Musaula Hospital). The 19 students ... Read more

PROSAMI executed an agreement with Landlord Representative, Ilunga D. Tshilenge, to rent the existing medical building, approximately 1600 square feet, to include a reception area, consultation for prenatal, labour/delivery suite, operating room, nursery/infant care room and a large post-partum area with up to 12... Read more

Maya Lezzam has secured the approval for her grant proposal that she wrote last semester. This summer, Maya will be staying in Charlottesville to conduct research under the UVA Center for Global Health, in which she will be colleting data surrounding the PROSAMI Methods.

David Strider, Hanah Clark, and Austin Lightfritz addressed the Rising Sun Baptist Church womens group, with an overview of PROSAMI, on saturday, February 24th in Mineral, Virginia.

Sister Agnes Kanyanya returns from her very fruitful journey to Kinshasa and to Mbuji Mayi. She has met with many government leaders and health care administrators, all of whom are very supportive of PROSAMI. She evaluated building sites and temporary current structures for the pilot center. She ... Read more

PROSAMI nurses receiving laptops

Our Assistant project director, Leon Munyinga receiving laptop computers. These laptops will be used to train nurses and communicate with our staff on the field. Our objective is to strengthening midwifery education by provide the appropriate training of rural health care professionals, defining the standard of... Read more

The next PROSAMI famous African meal and presentation night will be on Tuesday, June 10th, 2012 5:30 - 8:30 pm. All are invited. Location is at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 400 Rugby Road, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903. Great dinner ... Read more

PROSAMI candidates receiving training material

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