Provide the Congolese communities with affordable quality health care , in order to allow the infant a good start in life, and the mother a healthy reproductive life that would benefit the entire population.

We aim to contribute to the decrease of maternal and infant mortality in the Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC) with special focus on midwifery training, infrastructure and equipment


Agnes Kanyanya

Founder/Training Coordinator

Registered nurse, advanced midwife and neonatal intensive care nurse with over 35 years of experience in the field of maternal and child health. Her mother died at childbirth, leaving behind a one day old child who was raised in the orphanage.

David Strider


Registered nurse, associate degrees in nursing, MSN, ACNP and PhD from the University of Virginia with over 33 years of experience. He has extensive experience in newborn care, Neonatal & Pediatric ICU.

Kim Briehl

Board Member/Fundraiser

Registered nurse in pediatrics,neurosurgery,home care and geriatrics.She has over 35 years of experience in the field of maternal and child health.She has had the pleasure of serving at Humana Children's hospital in Las Vegas,NV,Sentara Martha Jefferson and University Of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville,VA and currently at Mountain View Nursing Home.

Sally Williamson


Teacher by profession, Tax Specialist and Treasurer for Prosami since 2009. She has extensive experience with children.

Jennifer Mentore

Board Member/Strategist/Fundraiser

Registered nurse, Family Nurse Fractitioner (FNP) from University of Virginia with over 25 years in critical care/thoracic cardiovascular nursing.

Charles Lewis

Telemedicine Expert

VTC Systems Engineer at the University Of Virginia with experience in telehealth. In charge of designing and implementing tele-communication between patients and healthcare providers to allow access to quality healthcare that would not otherwise be available.

David Baseme

Marketing Officer

Graduate of Liberty University with Master's Degree in Project Management and Marketing. In Charge of coordinating communications and marketing efforts in The United States Of America (USA).

Pastor Leon Munyinga

Project Director

Associate Pastor Dinanga Tabernacle, Registered Lawyer at the Mbuji Mayi High Court. In charge of projects management in the Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC). In charge of projects management in the Democratic Republic Of Congo (DRC).

Pastor Sylvain Mbiye Kalombo

Counselor Ex-Officio

Pastor of Dinanga Tabernacle, Medical Doctor ,Pediatician,Honorary Counselor of Medical Council Of Mbuji Mayi (Kasai Oriental).In charge of overseeing the Democratic Republic Of Congo Committee and providing strategic advice and guidance to ensure DRC Committee's effectiveness.

Mike Mbala

Administrative Service Manager

Legal Advisor, Registered Laywer at the Mbuji Mayi High Court. In charge of all administrative aspects at the pilot center in Mbuji Mayi.

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